Three men found guilty of hoax police officer kidnap plot


Three men have today been found guilty for their part in a hoax plot to kidnap a serving West Midlands police officer.

During a three week trial, a jury at Stafford Crown Court heard that the defendants were members of the Dawat-E-Islami Organisation in the West Midlands.

Amir Hussain, 29, a serving officer with West Midlands Police, felt that he should be the head of security for the organisation. Adil Bashir, 26 and Mohammed Ali Sheikh, 31, supported Hussain and together decided to target the leader of the organisation in order to discredit him.

On 27 September 2014, Bashir made an anonymous call to the police informing them that a sham marriage was being held at an address in Birmingham. A name was given of a close associate of the leader of Dawat-E-Islami who they alleged was getting married.

Officer attended the address and found no evidence of a sham marriage.

The defendants had to come up with a more effective idea, and so on 8 December 2014, Hussain made an anonymous call to the police claiming that he was aware of a plot to kidnap a police officer. He named the same individual as Bashir did three months earlier.

Due to the seriousness of the claim, West Midlands Police deployed their Counter Terrorism Unit and the following day the individual was arrested from his business address in Walsall and questioned about the allegations.

It soon transpired that the individual was innocent of any such plot and he assisted the police who began to investigate the hoax call.

On 8 September 2015, police arrested the three men who today been found two counts each of conspiracy to pervert the course of public justice.

Anamarie Coomansingh, Specialist Prosecutor from the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service's Complex Casework Unit, said:

"This was a complex investigation in which electronic evidence was used in the investigation to attribute mobile telephone traffic of the three men. In turn, call data, social media text messages and the SIM cards showed the association between the defendants and their crimes.

"At a time of heighten security in the United Kingdom and around the world, the actions of these three men were irresponsible and malicious.

"Their aim was to tarnish the reputation of an individual by targeting his associates. Their first attempt failed, so they decided on a plan which would lead to the police taking the action that they hoped would have happened the first time. Led by Hussain, they created a hoax plot to kidnap a police officer and lay the blame on an innocent man. The effect of this hoax call led police officers and their families unnecessary worry and concern about their safety.

"Having been found guilty, the three defendants must now deal with the consequences of their actions."