Three family members jailed for manslaughter of mother’s boyfriend


Two brothers and their cousin were today sentenced to a total of 18 years at Wolverhampton Crown Court today for the manslaughter of a man who had formed a relationship with their mother.

Brothers, Saranjeet Lotey, aged 22 and Sandeep Lotey, aged 24, both from Milton Keynes, and their cousin, Pritpal Panesar, aged 21, from Birmingham, attacked Vijay Thaper outside his home in Bloxwich on 13 January 2010 as they believed that he had brought shame upon their family by forming a relationship with their mother.

Paul Dhami, Crown Advocate for West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Saranjeet and Sandeep Lotey were motivated by the dishonour brought upon their family when their mother announced the end of her 25 year marriage to their father and her decision to rekindle a relationship with Mr Thaper.

"The Lotey brothers applied constant pressure to their mother to return to the family home and reconcile her relationship with their father, including verbal threats, however, this was to no avail and so they hatched a plan to end her new relationship.

"They deployed surveillance techniques to track the movement of the couple, including purchasing a GPS tracking device which was placed on their mother's car which allowed the defendants to monitor her movements via the internet in real time.

"On a late January evening, Mr Thaper was attacked outside his home address. Once knocked to the ground, his legs were stamped on which resulted in injuries which left him wheelchair bound. Approximately two months later he would die from his injuries.

"At the time of the attack, mobile phone evidence placed Pritpal Panesar and Sandeep Lotey in the vicinity of the attack and Saranjeet Lotey at home in Milton Keynes communicating with them and monitoring the tracker's movement. They were arrested and charged with Mr Thaper's death.    

"The police have worked diligently and tirelessly to obtain a vast amount of evidence from various sources, including information on the GPS tracking system via Swedish authorities. The technical evidence in this case required careful consideration and interpretation in order to demonstrate the actions of the three defendants.

"The sentencing today of these three individuals reflects 18 months of hard work by the prosecution team to bring to justice those involved in the death of Vijay Thaper. We hope today's outcome can bring a sense of closure to Mr Thapers family."

Saranjeet Lotey was sentenced to five years and nine months, Sandeep Lotey to six years and nine months and Pritpal Panesar to five years and nine months.