Street robber sentenced to 11 years for manslaughter


A 37-year-old man who targeted vulnerable elderly women in Birmingham in order to steal from them, which resulted in the death of one of his victims, has today been sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court to 11 years.

Marvin Blake pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to the manslaughter of 68-year-old Carol Mudie who he mugged on 6 January 2013. Sixteen days later Ms Mudie would pass away after she developed complications with her health while she was still in hospital.

The defendant also pleaded guilty to two counts of theft and a further two counts of robbery.

Over an 11 day period, Blake targeted four elderly females in the Northfield, Cotteridge and Hawkesley areas of Birmingham. His victims were aged between 68 to 87-years-old and were attacked while they were out shopping or on their way home.

His final victim was Ms Mudie who had arrive back home following a night out with friends. As she left her car and was heading home, Blake approached her from behind and snatched her bag with such force that the victim was thrown onto the pavement. As a result she broke her hip.

Neighbours were alerted to what had occurred and they called the paramedics and the police. Ms Mudie was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment to her injuries. Tragically these were injuries from which Ms Mudie would not recover.

Following a detailed police investigation, Blake was arrested and charged.

Ian Crooks, Senior Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"During a two week period at the beginning of the year Marvin Blake preyed on frail and vulnerable elderly women as he saw them as an easy target to steal from.

"On 6 January 2013, he attacked his final victim, Carol Mudie, who had returned home following an evening out with her friends. Blake approached Ms Mudie from behind and violently snatched her handbag. As a result of Blake's attack, Ms Mudie was thrown onto the ground and as a consequence she broke her hip.

"Ms Mudie was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment to her injuries, however, her health quickly deteriorated and she would later pass away. Medical reports quickly established that the injuries that Blake had inflicted on Ms Mudie when he attacked her contributed to her death.

"Blake was then charged with the manslaughter of Ms Mudie having already been charged with the other offences to which also pleaded guilty too and today he has been sentenced for those crimes.

"Targeting someone because they are elderly makes crimes such as these even more serious, so it is important that together we bring such perpetrators to justice.

"Our thoughts are today with the family and friends of Ms Mudie.  We hope that the sentence passed today helps to bring them some form of closure and we are profoundly sorry for their loss."