Record producer jailed for indecently assaulting teenager


A record producer has today been jailed for three and half years after he was found guilty at Wolverhampton Crown Court of indecently assaulting one of his young singing artists.

A jury heard that 43-year-old Mark Pearce from Wolverhampton was the joint proprietor of MPM recording studios based in Walsall, which assisted singers in recording songs as well as providing singing lessons.

In 2001, the 13-year-old victim, accompanied by her mother, visited the studio to receive some singing lessons.

Over a two year period, Pearce gained the trust of the victim and her mother, which resulted in him convincing the mother not to accompany her daughter at the studio and allowing him to drop her off home. It was during these periods when he was on his own with the victim that he indecently assaulted her. 

A decade later, the victim saw the defendant working as a pastor at a church function in Walsall. Fearing that he would have access to young children, she contacted the police and informed them of the assaults.

Pearce was arrested and today he has been found guilty of three counts of indecent assault and one of indecency with a child.

James Gormley, Senior Crown Prosecutor from the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service's Public Protection Unit, said: "Mark Pearce is a very dangerous sexual predator who targeted and groomed a young vulnerable teenager in order to satisfy his own sexual desires.

"He took advantage of the influence which he had over the victim and her mother and proceeded to manipulate the situation so that he could carry out the indecent assaults on her in the recording studio and in his car.

"Due to the victim's silence, Pearce thought that he had gotten away with his crimes. However, a chance meeting at a church event allowed the victim to break her silence and report the matter to the police.

"Today, Pearce has been found guilty of his evil crimes and he will now have to deal with the consequences."