Parents jailed for allowing toddler to drown in bath


The parents of a 13-month-old child who drowned in a bath have today been sentenced to a total of eight and a half years imprisonment at Worcester Crown Court after they were found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence.

Kian Dale had been left unsupervised in a bath seat in the upstairs bathroom of the home of Wayne Dale, 45, and his former partner Lisa Passey, 28, in Kyreside, Tenbury Wells on 26 September 2015.

While the child was in the bath both defendants were downstairs socialising with a friend. Kian had been left, unsupervised, in a seat which was suctioned to the bottom of the bath.

Around 15 minutes after Kian had been left in the bath, Mr Dale went upstairs to check up on him and found the toddler lying over the back of the bath seat with his head and upper body immersed in the water.

While Dale tried to resuscitate Kian, Miss Passey telephoned the emergency services.

An air ambulance was called which flew the infant to Birmingham Children's Hospital, but medical staff were unable to save him.

Following a two week trial, both defendants were found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence as well as cruelty to a person under 16 years. Dale was sentenced to four years six months and Passey to four years.

Emily Lenham, Senior Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"Both defendants were fully aware that Kian, their 13-month-old child, had been left unsupervised in a bath full of water. This was not an isolated occurrence. During their trial, it was established that the couple routinely left Kian alone while he was in the bath. On this occasion, he was left for nearly 15 minutes while both parents were downstairs socialising.

"The death of Kian Dale was tragic and completely avoidable. Wayne Dale and Lisa Passey owed their son a duty of care, to protect him from harm, but they failed in that duty and due to their grossly negligent acts both were responsible for his death."