Mother and daughter jailed for burglary and fraud


A mother and daughter who targeted elderly and vulnerable victims in Walsall by claiming to be bogus charity collectors and then stealing from them, have today been sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

In December 2015, Vanessa Millard, 47, made a number of cold call visits to homes claiming to be collecting for the Children's Cancer League.

Homeowners would give a donation and the defendant would proceed to the next home.

During one visit, Millard produced some fake identification and gained access to a victim's home. Once inside, she convinced the homeowner to leave their front door open as her daughter would be meeting her inside the house. Stacey Walsh, 25, then entered the house and stole 20 from the victim's wallet.

Police eventually identified the defendants and they were arrested.

Millard pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud and two counts of burglary and she was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. Walsh pleaded guilty to one count of burglary and was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment.

Marion Bibb, Senior Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"Targeting someone because they are older makes a crime even more serious, so it is important that together we bring these people to justice - whether they be strangers, carers or family members

"Today's conviction is important in showing that the Crown Prosecution Service takes the criminal mistreatment of older people seriously.

"In this prosecution, mother and daughter deliberately targeted their victims due to the age and vulnerability in order to con them and steal from them.

"We would like to remind all homeowners to be on their guard when they are cold called on the doorstep or by telephone. If you are in doubt of the caller's credentials, then terminate the conversation and call the police."