Mother and partner jailed for child death


A 27-year-old man has today been sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 21 years, after he admitted murdering his partner's two-year-old son. The boy's mother was sentenced to three years and four months after she pleaded guilty to allowing the death of a child.

On Sunday 20 November 2016, Sindyann Regis, 26, knocked on her neighbour's door in a distressed state saying that her child, Jeremiah, was sick. Paramedics were called and when they arrived they saw Chevaze McGregor carrying the boy in his arms. The child was not breathing at this point.

The boy was taken to New Cross Hospital and despite the best efforts of medical staff, he was pronounced dead in the early hours of the following morning. Both defendants informed the medical staff treating Jeremiah that he had been vomiting and his breathing was shallow, which is the point that Regis went to her neighbour for help.

A post-mortem examination was carried out on Jeremiah and the cause of death was caused by a heavy blow to the abdomen. On examination of the child's body, medical staff found multiple injuries - some old and some new. 

Both defendants were arrested from their home in Wednesfield. McGregor admitted in interview to using force to discipline Jeremiah, which included hitting him with a leather belt to his bare buttocks with the intention to hurt him.

In her interview Regis stated  that her son had been seriously ill that day. However, she later pleaded guilty to the offence of allowing the death of a child and gave a statement to the police confirming the events leading up to her son's death.

Paul Reid, District Crown Prosecutor with West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Throughout his short life, Jeremiah had been exposed to pain, hurt and suffering inflicting by Chevaze McGregor.

"Sindyann Regis accepted that there was a significant risk of serious harm being caused to her son by McGregor and that she was aware of the risk. She failed to protect him from that risk which ultimately led to his death.

"In the early hours of Sunday morning McGregor had become angry with the child and taken him into the bedroom. Two loud banging noises were heard and when Regis opened the door she saw McGregor holding the crying child and shouting at him. He told her to close the door, but instead of intervening and stopping him, she closed the door and just walked away.

"Our thoughts are today with those affected by Jeremiah’s very sad and untimely death."