Martin Stafford found guilty of murder


A man who was extradited from the Republic of Ireland in connection with the disappearance of Michelle Gunshon from the Dubliner Public House in Digbeth, Birmingham in December 2004 has today been found guilty of her murder and sentenced to 33 years imprisonment.

The jury at Birmingham Crown Court found that Martin Stafford was guilty of Ms Gunshon's murder. 

Harinderpal Dhami, Crown Advocate from the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: "The successful conviction of Martin Stafford today marks the end of a very difficult and complex journey for the prosecution team in this case, which began over seven years ago and included the extradition of Martin Stafford following his conviction for rape in the Republic of Ireland.

"Michelle Gunshon's body has never been found and the only person who could answer that question is Martin Stafford, who was asked this specific question during the trial having denied being responsible for Michelle's murder. The jury saw through his selective amnesia answers and reached the only right and proper conclusion from all of the evidence which had been painstakingly collected by the police over the last seven years.

"This guilty verdict and the sentence of 33 years reflects how dangerous an individual Martin Stafford is.

"We would hope that the conviction brings Michelle Gunshon's family and friends some closure, but we empathise with the fact they still live with their own pain and anguish."