Man sentenced to eight years for throwing a brick into a police car


A 44-year-old man has today been sentenced to eight years imprisonment after he was found guilty of dropping a capping stone from a city centre pedestrian bridge in Coventry, which smashed through the windscreen of a police vehicle, injuring both occupants of the car.

A jury at Coventry Crown Court heard how on 15 February 2015 around midnight, a marked police car was responding to a report of a robbery and as a result it was travelling along the Ring Road in the city with its blue lights illuminated. 

The police car approached a pedestrian bridge, which leads from Manor Road to Friars Road, on which two men were standing. One of these men was Jason Gamble from Foleshill, Coventry.

As the vehicle travelled under the bridge, Gamble lent over it and dropped a large blue capping stone, which made impact with the police car, smashing straight through the windscreen.

Both of the officers suffered glass cuts to their faces.

Following a police investigation, Gamble was identified as the individual who dropped the stone. He was arrested, charged and today found guilty of damaging property with intent to endanger life.

Stephen Davies, District Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service said:

"Jason Gamble targeting of two police officers who were travelling to a reported crime was not only dangerous, but it was extremely reckless.

"The consequences of his actions resulted in both officers receiving injuries from shards of glass which hit them following the impact of the concrete slab, thrown by Gamble, making contact with the windscreen. It was fortunate that the officers did not sustain more serious injuries.

"Deliberately targeting police officers will not be tolerated by the criminal justice system nor the community who they serve. Those caught committing such acts will be robustly prosecuted."