Man sentenced for daughter death


A father has been sentenced for killing his daughter ten years after he assaulted her at their Cheslyn Hay home.

Paul Slattery had previously received a 30-month prison sentence in 2004 for inflicting grievous bodily harm on his baby daughter Caitlin Wetton in 2002 at the house in Glenthorne Avenue.

He was re-arrested after Caitlin died aged seven at Walsall Manor Hospital in July 2010 as a result of her original injuries, which had left her with severe brain damage.

Following her death, the Attorney General gave consent for Slattery to be charged with Caitlin's manslaughter.

The 33-year-old, who was living in the Fife area of Scotland when he was re-arrested, admitted the charge at an earlier hearing. He received a two year prison sentence at Birmingham Crown Court today.

Det Sgt Victoria Downing, from Staffordshire Police's Protecting Vulnerable People Department, said: "Paul Slattery inflicted substantial injuries on his baby daughter for which he served a prison sentence.

"Caitlin's life was severely limited by her injuries from which she never recovered. A post-mortem examination clearly showed that Caitlin's death was directly caused by the assault in 2002.

"Prosecutions of this nature are rare and we worked closely with the Crown Prosecution Service to seek consent for Slattery to be re-arrested following Catlin's death.

Slattery must now serve a second prison sentence as a result of his violent and cruel actions. Our thoughts remain with Caitlins family and friends following this outcome.

2Staffordshire Police is committed to protecting vulnerable people and will always thoroughly investigate such cases. We work closely with partners to safeguard children across Staffordshire. Anyone who has any concerns should ring us on 101."

David Rouse, Senior Crown Prosecutor from the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service Complex Casework, added: "This was a very important and worthwhile prosecution and sentence, not only because Paul Slattery has been sent to prison, but because his sentence today reflects the fact that the little girl passed away some years after she was injured by him so severely that the quality of her life was devastated as a result. 

"We always have to remember that the lives of her mother and everyone else who cared for her were also very badly affected as a consequence of his actions.

"Today's sentence cannot undo what he has been found guilty of, but the law allows for a person, who has previously been convicted of injuring someone, to be prosecuted a second time if the injured person passes away some time later due to their injuries, even if that happens after some years have gone by, as in Caitlin's case. The evidence in this case was strong enough for the Attorney General to give his consent to the re-prosecution of Paul Slattery for Caitlin's manslaughter, and that is why he was prosecuted again."