Man jailed for the attempted murder of father of five


A man who attacked a father of five with a coping stone in broad daylight on a suburban street in the city has today been sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court to 17 years imprisonment after he had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to attempted murder.

On 20 December 2014, James MacMillan, aged 25 confronted the victim on Church Street, Shard End and without any provocation hit the victim across the head with a coping stone.

This resulted in the victim falling to the ground. Whilst on the floor, the defendant used the stone to strike the victim to the head again. After the assault, MacMillan then fled the scene of the attack.

The emergency services were called and the victim was rushed to hospital where he had emergency surgery to remove fluid from beneath his skull. He had also suffered a severely fractured face and skull.

Two weeks after the attack the defendant handed himself into the police and he was charged with attempted murder.

Ian Crooks, Senior Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"This was a totally unprovoked attack on a man who was on his way to the shops and had the misfortune of crossing paths with James MacMillan who was armed with a coping stone and looking for trouble.

"On seeing the victim, the defendant launched a vicious attack on him, hitting him once while he was standing and then again when he had fallen to the ground causing the victim to have life changing injuries.

"MacMillan has never explained his motive behind this senseless attack, but today a very dangerous individual has been put away behind bars for the protection of the community."