Man jailed for raping tourist


A 20-year-old man, who found guilty of raping a tourist visiting London, has today been sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court to seven years' imprisonment.

The victim had been on holiday in the UK and was due to leave the country on 27 July 2015. The day before, she had agreed to meet a friend for a farewell drink in a cafe-bar in central London.

Her friend was unable to meet her so she sat alone at the bar. It was at this stage that Salah Benadam Koubar approached her and engaged in a conversation.

He then persuaded the victim to accompany him to another bar in Westminster, but he took her miles away by bus, eventually arriving in Brixton. The victim had no idea where she was.

The defendant then offered to take her back but boarded another bus with her heading further south. She tried to leave the defendant but he held her arm and would not let her go. She got up again to get off the bus and was followed by the defendant.

By this time they were close to West Dulwich Station and Koubar suggested that they catch a train. The defendant took the victim's bag and prevented her from getting a taxi. As they approached a disused building in the station grounds, the defendant threw the victim's bag over the fence, then grabbed the victim and lifted her over the fence, where he raped the victim.

The victim was only able to recover her bag and get away from the defendant when she saw a member of the public to whom she appealed for help. Koubar then left the scene and the police were called.

The defendant was arrested the following day at his home address.

Elizabeth Jack, Senior Crown Prosecutor from the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service's Rape and Serious Sexual Offenses Unit, said: "Salah Koubar is a dangerous sexual predator who targeted a vulnerable woman who had been visiting the UK as a tourist.

"The defendant took advantage of the fact that she was a stranger in the city and she was on her own. He took her away from central London so that she was effectively lost.

"The victim did not give consent to any of his sexual advances and she made attempts to leave him which the defendant prevented her from doing before eventually raping her.

"I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the victim for her support and courage in helping to bring this man to justice."