Man jailed for life for killing ex-partner and her baby


A man who murdered his ex-partner and her seven month old son has today been sentenced to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 29 years, at Birmingham Crown Court

Wesley Williams, who is 29 years old, pleaded guilty last week to the murders of 25-year-old Yvonne Walsh and her seven month old son Harrison Walsh. Their bodies were found at their home in Chells Grove, Billesley, Birmingham by police officers on 2 June 2013.

The defendant had been released from prison on 14 February 2013 having served a five year prison sentence for an offence contrary to section 18 of the Offences Against the person Act 1861. He attacked his sister's ex-partner with a hammer in the presence and hearing of others, including children. He was on licence until 14 April 2013 with stringent conditions in place. These conditions expired when the licence expired.

Soon after his release from prison, he had struck up a relationship with the victim and eventually he moved in with her and her children.

The prosecution case was that he killed both mother and son in their home within minutes of each other on 31 May by ligature strangulation. He then drove off in Yvonne's car and was later seen that evening in McDonalds with a friend; he appeared to be in good spirits. 

Eventually he sent a text message to his Police Offender Manager admitting that he had killed his ex-partner and where her body could be found. He said nothing of Harrison.

When the police arrived at Ms Walsh's home, they discovered her body in the upstairs bedroom in her bed. In the next room lay the body of her son, Harrison, in his bed. Yvonne was in her pyjamas. There were no signs of a struggle in the house. Yvonne must have been totally off her guard when killed. Later, the defendant was to tell a psychiatrist that Harrison was asleep.

Williams was arrested and following a medical assessment, he was sectioned under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act 1983. Within weeks he was able to be interviewed under caution but did not answer most of the questions asked of him. 

Sarah Hammond, Head of the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service's Public Protection Unit, said:

"Wesley Williams is an extremely dangerous and violent man who committed a dreadful and brutal crime against two vulnerable victims.

"The defendant struck up a relationship with Yvonne Walsh a few months before her death and he then moved into her family home which she shared with her two young children.

"Problems between them only started when Yvonne rejected his proposal of marriage. He was unable to cope with this and killed two wholly innocent victims in a cold calculating way.

"As a result of his wicked crime, a young daughter has lost her loving mother and her baby brother. Those who knew and loved both have suffered most grievously, and our thoughts are today with the family and friends of Yvonne and Harrison."