Man jailed for attempting to kill his partner


A man who tried to kill his partner has today been sentenced to nine years imprisonment at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Leon Osbourne, aged 39, had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to attempted murder.

In the early hours of 8 January 2013, the emergency services were called to an address in Bloxwich, Wolverhampton after neighbours found the victim with stab wounds.

Police were alerted and a manhunt was launched. The defendant was later arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Robin Allen, Acting Sector Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Leon Osbourne is an extremely dangerous and violent man and he used this aggression in an attempt to kill his partner.

"He subjected her to a brutal and sustained attack at their home which began with him trying to stab her to death in her own bed. Osbourne used a kitchen knife to stab the victim in her stomach and neck, the wound in her neck marginally missed her carotid artery by millimetres.

"If it was not the brave actions of her 12-year-old son in fending him off his mother, this case would have been one of murder.

"Not content with this, he took her outside and tried to run her over in his car, and when this failed, he assaulted her. All this took place in front of her two young children. It was only when the neighbours heard the commotion and they came out to investigate what was happening did the attack stop. The defendant then fled the scene in his car. 

"Any form of domestic violence is totally unacceptable and is criminal, and this was a particularly cowardly and vicious attack by Osbourne on his partner. I would urge anyone who is a victim of domestic violence, of whatever level, to come forward and report it to the police and not to suffer in silence. We will continue to work closely with our partners and support groups in order to improve the investigation, help victims and ensure we robustly prosecute these forms of crimes."