Man jailed for controlling victim’s life


A 29-year-old man has today been sentenced at Stoke Crown Court to 27 months imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to mentally and physically abusing a pregnant woman.

In April 2016 Sam Williams was sentenced to a term of suspended imprisonment for subjecting his then partner to extreme controlling behaviour which included threats, verbal abuse and assaults over a period of several years.

When released from custody Williams began to date the victim again and over a five month period began to re-establish control over her life monitoring her mobile phone, social media sites and who she met.

He created a fake profile of the victim on an escort site without her knowledge and then monitored the messages sent to her.

If she tried to break free from the relationship or she refused to do what Williams demanded of her he would verbally abuse her or physically hurt her.

She eventually reported the matter to the police who arrested Williams. He was later charged with and pleaded guilty to engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour, putting a person in fear of violence and intimidation. 

Jason Corden-Bowen, District Crown Prosecutor and Domestic Abuse Lead for West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"I would first like to pay tribute to the victim in this prosecution who in helping to bring Sam Williams to justice.

"Over a lengthy period he subjected her to extreme mental and physical abuse controlling most aspects of her life including who she spoke to or saw. He monitored her phone calls as well as her social media sites and subjected her to regular physical and mental assaults.

"It is her strength of character that has helped us bring this prosecution and bring an end to the abuse she has endured.

"We encourage anyone exposed to such behaviour to report the matter to the police. The Crown Prosecution Service views matter like this with the utmost gravity and in conjunction with our partner agencies will work to support you throughout the prosecution process."