Life sentence to husband for murdering wife


A husband who killed his estranged wife over a land dispute in Bangladesh has today been jailed to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 15 years, at Birmingham Crown Court after he was found guilty last month of her murder.

Mohammed Liaqat Ali, aged 37, was arrested at his home in Alum Rock, Birmingham in June 2013 after a relative had raised the alarm to the police when the victim had failed to collect her two young children from their school.

In the early hours of 14 June 2013, police discovered the body of mother of two, 27-year-old Lilima Akhtar, after they had forced entry into her semi-detached home in Alum Rock.

Ali's relationship with his wife had deteriorated due to a dispute over some land which they had jointly owned in Bangladesh. The defendant wanted the victim to remove her name off the land deeds in order for him to sell the plot of land and reinvest the money into another land deal. However, the victim had no intention of removing her name.

He arrived back to the UK from Bangladesh on 10 June 2013 and visited his wife at her home address to discuss this issue again. This resulted in the two parties arguing and the defendant strangling his wife to death.

Having killed her, he then left the scene of his crime and returned home.

When Mrs Akhtar failed to collect her children from school, they called the emergency contact and the defendant arrived at school to collect his children. He then lied to the school and to the victims family claiming that he would try and locate his wife.

The police were informed of the disappearance of Mr Akhtar and they then discovered her body at her home.

David Parsons, Senior Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"Throughout this prosecution, Mohammed Liaqat Ali has tried to evade justice by concocting false alibies to try and deny any involvement in the death of his wife, however, today a court has seen through these lies, convicted of murdering the mother of his two young children and he has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

"The defendant had clashed with Lilima Akhtar over a piece of land which was jointly owned by both parties. Ali wanted to remove his wife's name off the deeds as he wanted to sell the land, however, Mrs Akhtar objected to the sale.

"When he came back to the UK, he confronted his wife and he again demanded she removed her name off the land deeds. The defendant was on this occasion unable to accept Ms Akhtar's rejection. Filled with rage, he attacked and strangled her to death.

"Knowing that he had killed his wife, he then tried to convince the victim's family and the children's school that his wife was still alive.

"Through Ali's heinous crime, two young children have lost their mother and a family has lost their daughter and sister. Our thoughts are today with them."