King jailed for 2009 murder


A jury at Warwick Crown Court has found David King, aged 44, guilty of the murder his partner’s father, Hiralal Chauhan, whose body was found in woods in Coventry last year and he has been sentenced to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 19 years.

In 2009, following a legal settlement, the victim had been awarded a financial payment which the defendant became aware of. A large amount of the money was withdrawn and soon after, the victim disappeared. He was reported missing by his family but the police were unable to locate him.

Three years later, a man walking his dog in Wainbody Woods in Coventry would come across some bones in a shallow grave. The remains were recovered and DNA analysis positively identified the skeleton as that of 57-year-old Hiralal Chauhan.

The defendant was arrested by the police three months after the discovery of the remains and he was charged with his murder.      

Harinderpal Dhami, Crown Advocate from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"The conviction and life sentence of David King today reflects the hard work and diligence of the Prosecution team in respect of an investigation which began over four years ago.

"David King's greed led him to exploit his relationship with his partner's father, Hiralal Chauhan in order to syphon off his windfall and left only 78 pence in the bank account after withdrawing in excess £22,000.

"King's deception involved not only Hiralal himself but also his friends and family who were concerned for Hiralal's wellbeing following his disappearance. King continued the deceit, which included providing a statement to the police as part of their missing person inquiry in June 2009.

"The jury heard that Mr Chauhan told a neighbour he wanted to retrieve his bank card from the defendant and was last seen alive on 22 May 2009. Cell site evidence placed the defendant in Wainbody Wood on three consecutive days, 20-21 May 2009. Mr Chauhan's remains were found in the woods three years later by a dog walker. The location of shallow grave was very close to an area that David King had visited on numerous occasions.

"We hope that this verdict can bring a sense of closure to the family and friends of Hiralal Chauhan."