Insufficient evidence to charge parents with death of daughter


West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has decided that there is insufficient evidence to charge either Kenneth or Marion Hancox, the parents of Samantha Hancox, with causing her death.

Jayne Salt, Head of the West Midlands CPS Complex Casework Unit, said: "Following the discovery of Samantha Hancox's body at the home she shared with her parents in Tipton in May 2010, the police launched a thorough investigation to find the cause of her death and if any criminal liability followed from this.

"A file was forwarded to me to examine all of the information and determine whether any criminal offences had been committed, and if so, was there sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction.

"Samantha, who was living with her elderly parents, had severe health problems which eventually lead to a serious deterioration in her well being. She also had in the past declined support from medical professionals.

"Having had an opportunity read the police case file as well as information from expert witnesses and having the benefit of advice from Queens Counsel, I have decided that there is insufficient evidence to satisfy the criminal standard of proof, namely beyond reasonable doubt that any act or omission by Kenneth or Marion Hancox resulted in their daughters death.

"This has obviously been a very tragic case and we hope that this decision can bring a sense of closure for the family."