Gunman jailed for fatal pub shooting


A jury at Birmingham Crown Court have today found Paul Davies, who shot a man dead in a busy Birmingham public house and then fled the country, guilty of murder and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life and jailed for life.

On 10 May 2013 at 10:10am, an incident took place at the G & A Gym in Garretts Green, Birmingham where two men were seriously injured. At the gym that morning was 33-year-old Paul Davies.

Seeking revenge for this attack, Davies was supplied with a firearm and located Marlon O'Reilly, who he believed had been involved in the disturbance at the gym earlier that day, to the Dovecote public house in Sheldon, Birmingham.  There was no suggestion that Mr O'Reilly had any links to the attack at the gym.

Mr O'Reilly was in the pub with other patrons having a drink, when at 5:44pm, Davies entered the pub, ordered a drink, approached the victim and discharged his gun six times. Mr O'Reilly was shot five times and he would die at the scene of the attack.

Davies left the pub and escaped on a white Suzuki GSXR motorcycle.

That evening, Davies booked a one-way flight to Thailand and boarded an Emirates flight from Birmingham Airport to Bangkok via Dubai.

Following a police investigation into the shooting and through CCTV, forensic evidence and cell-site analyses, Davies was identified as the prime suspect and steps were launched to locate him.

He was eventually arrested on 29 May 2013 at Birmingham Airport as he came off a flight back from Bangkok via Dubai.

Davies was later charged with murder and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Today he has been found guilty of these offences and jailed to life, to serve a minimum of 31 years.

Ian Crooks, Senior Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"The catalyst for the murder of Marlon O'Reilly was an incident that took place in a gym where Davies was present together with those who were the target of the attack.

A semi-automatic pistol was supplied to Davies by an unknown source.  Dressed in a blue over suit, Davies took the firearm to what was then called the Dovecote public house at approximately 17:45 on May 10.  At that time the Dovecote was full of members of public.  One of those members of the public was Marlon O'Reilly. 

Davies entered the bar and ordered an orange juice.  Almost immediately after that he approached the table at which Marlon O'Reilly was sat.  Davies produced the pistol and discharged six shots at point blank range.  Five of those shots hit Mr O'Reilly, causing him fatal injuries. Despite efforts to revive him Mr O'Reilly died at the scene.

Davies spent less than sixty seconds in the Dovecote.  Once he had shot his victim he fled the scene through a fire exit door adjacent to where Mr O'Reilly's fatally wounded body now lay.

"He then fled the country on the same evening when he flew to Bangkok, Thailand.  Nineteen days later, however, Davies came back to the United Kingdom of his own volition and he was arrested at Birmingham Airport by police officers.

"Today, Davies has been found guilty of what can only be described as a heinous, cold-blooded execution of a man doing no more than enjoying a drink with his friends a day before his thirty-fourth birthday.  We hope that the sentence that Davies has received today brings some closure to those who were close to Mr O'Reilly.  Our thoughts are very much with his loved ones at this time.

"We hope, too, that this conviction sends out a clear message to anyone who is thinking about carrying a firearm or worse still using one, that the West Midlands criminal justice agencies will work together to ensure that such individuals are robustly prosecuted and brought to justice."