Gunman given 18 years for Redditch car park shooting


A gunman has today been jailed to 18 years imprisonment after he had pleaded guilty at Worcester Crown Court for the attempted murder of man outside a snack bar in Redditch following a dispute the two of them had at a local night club the night before.

On the morning of 7 July 2012, Jordan Davis, aged 27, approached the victim, who was outside a mobile snack bar, and shot him in the arm. The victim was taken to the QE Hospital in Birmingham where he had to receive emergency surgery. Doctors were unable to remove the bullet and it is still lodged in the victim's body.

A police investigation was launch and the defendant was arrested and then later charged with attempted murder.

A second man, Lee Quirke, 24, who had disposed of the car which Davis had used to drive to the car park in order to shoot the victim, also pleaded guilty of assisting an offender, supplying drugs as well as possession of a shotgun and he was sentenced to nine years.

Martin Lindop, Sector Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"This was a cold blooded attempt to kill the victim in broad daylight in a public car park. We are extremely lucky no member of the public was seriously injured or killed through the actions of one dangerous man.

"Jordan Davis and the victim are known to one another and he attended the victim's birthday party at a local nightclub. In the club, there was an incident of disorder involving both the defendant and the victim. 24hours later, Davis, armed with a gun, sought out the victim, who that morning was outside a mobile snack bar which was based in a public car park. He approached the victim, aimed the gun at him and tried to discharge the firearm three times, but the gun did not go off. On the fourth occasion, following a brief scuffle, the gun was discharged and the bullet hit the victim in the arm, which doctors were unable to remove.

"The police were alerted immediately and a search commenced for the gunman. Davis was eventually arrested and charged with attempted murder. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the police for their thorough investigation in this matter. 

"Gun crime in West Mercia is, thankfully, still a very rare occurrence. However, if such a crime is committed in the area then the local criminal justice system will work together to ensure that the case is dealt with robustly and those connected to gun crime are brought to justice."