Guilty verdict in Wolverhampton double murder trial


Ireneusz Bartnowski has today been found guilty after a three week trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court of the murder of Guiseppe and Caterina Massaro at their home in Wolverhampton in April 2011.

He has been sentenced to imprisonment for life, to serve a minimum of 34 years before being entitled to apply for parole.

Iain Farrimond, Senior Crown Prosecutor for West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Of all the murders I have prosecuted, this has been by far the most appalling. It was truly dreadful in its savagery. Everyone involved with the case cannot fail to have been affected by its horror and its sadness.

"Ironically it was the character of Mr and Mrs Massaro that led us to their killer. They were a proud couple who were meticulous in keeping their home tidy and clean. As a result, the ransacked scene that faced the police forensic investigators proved to be an evidential goldmine. The forensic evidence against Bartnowski was absolutely overwhelming and enabled the prosecution team to build an extremely strong case which we were completely confident would result in his conviction.

"I would like to thank all those who assisted me with the case, especially the police and forensic scientists as well as my colleagues who presented the case at court. The prosecution team worked extremely well together to achieve this conclusion to the case.

"The CPS would like to thank those witnesses who assisted the police by providing information and statements, and in particular those who attended court to give evidence at this trial. Their contributions in assisting us to put the case before the court were very important and are much appreciated. No prosecution can succeed without evidence and it is crucial to the criminal process that people are prepared to provide statements to the police and to attend court when required.  On behalf of the prosecution team the CPS would like to thank all witnesses for their time, co-operation and assistance throughout this case.

"Finally, I would like to pay tribute to Mr and Mrs Massaro's family who have impressed everyone with their quiet dignity in the face of these terrible events. My heartfelt sympathies go out to them, and I hope the successful end of the prosecution will bring them some measure of comfort."