George Lord pleads guilty to further sexual abuse offences


At Birmingham Crown Court today a 79 year-old man pleaded guilty to three counts of historical indecent assaults.

George Lord was found guilty at an early hearing of sexually assaulting a woman in 2010 when he took the victim on a tour of the County Hall while he was the leader of Worcestershire County Council.

He has now pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault on a girl under the age of 16 years-old, offences which were committed in 1977 when he was a church minister in Droitwich.

David Elliott, Sector Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service said: "George Lord used his positions of power and trust as a church minister and later as the leader of Worcestershire County Council to sexually abuse vulnerable females.

"The victims should have been able to expect the highest levels of propriety and integrity from him, however, they were instead exploited for his own personal sexual gratification.

"I would like to thank the victims who supported the prosecution case, in particular one of the victims who read in the media about Lord being arrested and charged with sexual assault, she then had the courage to come forward and report to the police about how he abused her 35 years ago for which he has today pleaded guilty to."