Fraudster jailed for stealing from her own family


A 49-year-old woman from Tamworth who went on the run for over a year after she defrauded over half-a-million pounds from her husband, mother, father-in-law and a property developer, has today been brought justice and sentenced at Warwick Crown Court to 32 months.

In May 2014, Alison Joyner's husband reported her missing from home. He also made an allegation to the police of a large scale fraud committed by his wife, which he was a victim of.

Following an investigation, police uncovered a fraud on a grand scale which involved the fraudulent sale of the family home in Middleton Lane to a property developer in the region of £200,000 as well as a number of fraudulent mortgage applications on the house which totalled over £83,000.

The police also discovered that the defendant had stolen almost quarter of a million pounds from her mother, who was in a residential care home; in excess of £11,000 from her father-in-law and £100,000 from her husband, including selling his £24,000 caravan without his knowledge or permission. 

Over an eight year period, Alison Joyner stole about £600,000 which she used to fund an expensive lifestyle.

On the day of her disappearance, she informed her family that she was off to visit some friends in Exeter and she would be back home in a couple of days, but they never heard from again. She was eventually arrested last month in Cornwall, having assumed a false identity, and later charged with eight counts of fraud and one of obtaining property by deception - she pleaded guilty to all the charges at the first hearing on 27 June 2015 at Leamington Spa Magistrates' Court.

David Elliott, Acting Head of the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service's Crown Court Unit said:

"Alison Joyner's greed for money drove her to steal from her husband, her frail mother and her elderly father-in-law, money which she used to fund an expensive way of life of holidays and beauty treatments for herself.

"Her hunger for a luxury lifestyle meant that those who were close and dear to her where deprived of their livelihoods which they had spent a lifetime working hard to saving for.

"As the criminal justice net closed around her, rather than admit to her guilt, she tried to evade justice and went on the run, which caused her family even further grief and anxiety.

"The Criminal Justice System has finally caught up with Alison Joyner and she will now have to face the consequences of her actions."