Footballer jailed for assaulting match referee


A footballer who head-butted a referee during a match in a Pedigree/Tag league game has today been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment at Stafford Crown Court after he had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to inflicting grievous bodily harm.

On 18 January 2014, Scott Quig, 33, was playing for Real Medina FC against Eton Athletic FC, which was being played at the Eton Park recreational ground, Burton-on-Trent. During the first half, Quig was booked by the referee for dissent following a tackle on an Athletic player. 

In the second half, the victim awarded Eton Athletic a free kick. The defendant began to argue and challenge this decision. As the referee reached for his pocked to produce a second yellow card to Quig, thus sending the player off, the defendant walked towards the victim and head-butted him.

The victim was taken to hospital where he was x-rayed and underwent surgery for a fracture of the right cheekbone.
Quig was later arrested and charged.

Stephen Davies, Acting Sector Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"Refereeing a football match can at times be extremely difficult with decisions being made which one team or another will disagree with or feel as though they have been harshly treated by.

"As a footballer, you have a duty of responsibility to your club, your team mates and your supporters to accept the decision which has been made, and if you do feel aggrieved by the decision, then approach your team's captain who will raise it with the referee.

"What is not acceptable is assaulting a referee. We hope that today's sentence sends out a clear message to all those playing and watching the game that such behaviour is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Such actions can be deemed as a criminal offence and it could lead to a prosecution."