Father guilty of murder and attempted murder after driving car into river


Today at Birmingham Crown Court, Christopher Grady, 42, was found guilty of the murder of his daughter and attempted murder of his son after he drove his car, with his children in, into the River Avon in February 2010.

Alex Warren, Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in West Mercia, said: "This is a tragic case in which Grady, motivated by anger against his ex-partner, has caused the death of his young daughter and subjected his young son to an appallingly traumatic experience.

"Though it was never in dispute that Grady drove his car, containing the two children, into the River Avon, there were issues that the Court needed to resolve about his intentions and state of mind at the time of the incident. The jury accepted the prosecution's case, namely that Grady intended the consequences of his actions.

"The Crown Prosecution Service has worked closely with West Mercia Police throughout this case, from the giving of initial advice to the Police on the day after the incident, through the preparation of the case papers, to the presentation of the case in court by two experienced in-house CPS advocates. I would like to thank the Police for the thoroughness of their investigation, which has enabled the case to be robustly and successfully prosecuted.

"The outcome of today's verdict is in part down to the CPS legal team. Leading Counsel, Graham Reeds QC, and Junior Counsel, Peter Grice who have worked on this case from the beginning, this highlights the expertise we have within the CPS to ensure terrible cases such as this one are robustly and successfully prosecuted.

"Our thoughts are of course with Kim Smith and her son Ryan who have lost a daughter and a sister, and we continue to extend our sympathies towards them."