Driver jailed for causing death of 12-year-old by dangerous driving


A driver has today been jailed to six years imprisonment after he was found guilty of causing the death of a 12-year-old boy by dangerous driving after his car collided with another vehicle in which the victim was travelling in.

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court heard that 35-year-old Nadeem Hussain was driving his Vauxhall Astra on 27 May 2015 along Thursfield Road in West Bromwich.

Heading south along Hollyhedge Road was a Mitsubishi Outlander which contained the driver and two passengers, which included the victim Amar Atwal who was seated in the rear of the car.

As the two vehicles approached the junction of Thursfield Road and Hollyhedge Road, the defendant failed to follow the give way sign and instead drove across the junction into the side of the Outlander causing the vehicle to flip onto its roof.

The impact of the crash caused the victim to be thrown out of the car he was travelling in and onto the road.

Amar was taken to the Birmingham Children's Hospital where he passed away on 29 May 2015. The other two victims were also taken to hospital to be treated for life changing injuries.

The defendant was arrested and he has today been found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving and two counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Sean Kyne, District Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"This prosecution highlights the tragic consequences of driving dangerously.

"Nadeem Hussain has driven his car across a busy junction and failed to stop or pay any attention to any other road users. This resulted in his vehicle going straight into the side of the victim's car with such force that it resulted in it landing onto its roof and throwing Amar Atwal out of the car and onto the road.

"Our thoughts at this time are with the family and friends of Amar."