Driver found guilty of killing pedestrian on A4150


A motorist who knocked over and killed a pedestrian as he tried to cross the A4150 Wolverhampton Ring Road has today been found guilty of causing death by careless driving.

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard how Matthew Campbell, aged 27 from Whitmore Reans in the city, was driving his Mazda 2 motor car at 6:00am on 20 December 2012 heading east on the ring road towards the junction with Stafford Road.

Waiting to cross near that junction was Dr Nicholas Musgrove who was heading to the university in the city where he worked.

Without activating the pedestrian lights or waiting for the traffic signals to turn to red, the victim crossed the busy road at the same time as the defendant was approaching the junction.

The defendant failed to see the pedestrian moving into his path until it was too late to take evasive action and collided with Dr Musgrove.

The emergency services were called and the victim was transferred to the New Cross Hospital but he could not be saved.

Following the collision, police carried out a detailed investigation and discovered that the Mazda's front passenger's and driver's window were tinted beyond the legal limit. There was also a large bundle of items hanging from the driver's rear view mirror.

The defendant was arrested and charged with causing death by careless driving.

Martin Lindop, Sector Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service:

"This prosecution should be a warning to all drivers that they have a duty of care to other road users at all times.  It would also appear that Mr Campbell may have restricted his view by having illegally tinted windows and items hanging from the rear view mirror, which may have contributed to this tragic collision.

"The defendant failed to see Dr Musgrove crossing the road.  When he eventually spotted him, he tried to carry out an evasive manoeuvre, but it was too little too late and his car struck the victim.

"Our thoughts are today with the family and friends of Dr Musgrove."