Doctor found guilty of sexually assaulting his patients


A 50-year-old consultant neurosurgeon has today been found guilty of sexually abusing six of his female patients whilst he was working in hospitals in Birmingham.

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court heard how over a two year period the victims, some who were vulnerable, had been referred to Doctor Nafees Hamid for neurosurgical assessment at the QE and Priory Hospitals in the city. 

During their examinations, the defendant would encourage the patients to remove their clothing and on occasions, he would remove their clothes himself without a chaperone being present. He would then perform a highly intimate examination without wearing gloves during which he would often make inappropriate sexual remarks to the victims.

On 7 June 2013, the first victim spoke about her inappropriate examination to a family member and then reported Hamid to the police.

He was arrested and charged, and following media coverage, more victims came forward making similar complaints of sexual assault to the police.

Expert medical opinion was sought on the examination techniques which were being used by the defendant. The expert view was that Hamid performed inappropriate and medically unjustifiable intimate examinations, ignoring GMC guidelines and bringing his profession into disrepute.

It was apparent that Hamid failed to accurately record his findings in order to cover his tracks.

He  has today been found guilty of nine counts of assault by penetration.

Aliya Rashid, Crown Advocate and Prosecuting Junior Counsel, from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service said:

"Nafees Hamid, whilst in a position of high trust, carried out intrusive and inappropriate examinations on vulnerable women while masking his true purpose, which was personal sexual gratification.

"These examinations left women, shocked, confused, embarrassed and deeply upset. Many were fearful about reporting one of the most highly esteemed consultant neurosurgeons to the authorities.  It is due to their courage and the cogent evidence they gave, that Hamid has been found guilty today of his crimes".

Lisa Windridge, Senior Crown Prosecutor from the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service's Public Protection Unit, said,

"Throughout his trial, Nafees Hamid has tried to argue that his examinations were medically justified, but the jury after listening to 11 weeks of evidence, rejected his assertions.

"This case is an example of a gross breach of trust at the highest level and I would like to thank all those victims who came forward and assisted the whole of the prosecution team in exposing this man's wicked sexual exploits and bringing him to justice".