Christine Hemming found guilty of burglary


Christine Hemming was today found guilty of burglary at Birmingham Crown Court in which a kitten was taken.

Jason Pegg, Crown Advocate for West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: "This case was in its simplest terms a house burglary in which something precious and personal was stolen, namely a kitten.

"On the evening of the 29th of September last year, John Hemming and his young daughter were at the family home of Emily Cox when Christine Hemming entered the house without permission and stole a four-month old kitten.

"CCTV cameras, which were installed on the house, captured the moment when Mrs Hemming approached the house, entered the house and finally left the house with the kitten under her arm.

"We are still unsure what the motive was behind this burglary, but whatever it was, a crime was committed and today Mrs Hemming has been found guilty of that crime."