Care support worker to pay back money stolen from disabled man


A 24 year-old woman was today given a six month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months at Birmingham Crown Court for stealing £1,800 from a vulnerable adult who she was caring for.

Andrea Davis, who had pleaded guilty to theft at an early hearing, was also ordered to repay the £1,800 back to the victim, £250 court costs and do a 150 hours unpaid work. 

She was employed as a care support worker at a residential care home in Birmingham between 2009 and 2010 with responsibility to support adults with learning difficulties. It was during this time that she committed her offences.  

James Jenkins, Sector Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said:

"This case was one of not only stealing but also a callous abuse of trust.

"Andrea Davis used her position to exploit a vulnerable young man and steal £1,800 from him which she used to pay off her own debts.

"She would accompany him on trips to the shops and it was there that she would take money off the victim.

"It was only when another member of staff at the care home came across the victim's bank statements that they noticed that there were some unusual transactions. Further investigations were made and Davis was then questioned and it was then that she admitted her guilt.

"Today's conviction is important in showing that the CPS takes the criminal mistreatment of vulnerable people very seriously.

"Being able to live your life free from the threat of crime is a basic right for us all. I wish to reassure anyone who has suffered criminal mistreatment owing to their disability or age that they can be confident that the CPS understands the serious nature of these crimes and that they must report allegations of this nature to the police.

"Targeting someone because they are disabled or old makes a crime even more serious, so it is important that together we bring these criminals to justice - whether they be strangers, carers or family members."