Care manager jailed for stealing from residents and staff


A care home manager who stole from vulnerable residents and her own staff has today been sentenced to two years imprisonment at Wolverhampton Crown Court after she had pleaded guilty to theft.

Maria Langworthy, 56, from West Bromwich, was the manager of a care home in Walsall which cared for residents with dementia.

Each of the residents had a personal allowance fund which was used to purchase personal items as well as any additional services which they required. This money was either provided by the resident's family or by social services.

In June 2014, a request was made by the care home to Walsall Social Services for further funds in order to top up a resident's personal allowance. As a top up to the account had recently been made, an audit was carried out and discrepancies were found in the residents accounts.

A police investigation was launched which found that Langworth had not only stolen from the residents, she had also stolen from her staff and had applied to have a Power of Attorney for one of the residents and withdrew £20,000 from the victim's account.

Over a two month period the defendant had sent nearly £19,000 via money transfer to the Ivory Coast. Police recovered emails sent to Langworth requesting money and in return she would inherit $2million. This was all a scam.

The defendant was arrested and she later pleaded guilty to three counts of theft.

Sean Kyne, District Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"Maria Langworthy's greed got the better of her and she stole from the most vulnerable in society and her own work colleagues in order to get her hands on an inheritance, which never existed.

"The defendant became involved in an inheritance fraud which asked her for a fee to be paid upfront and in return she would be the beneficiary of $2million. There was no such inheritance and it was in fact a scam.

"She began to steal from the residents of the care home and her work colleagues, and transferred nearly £19,000 to individuals in the Ivory Coast hoping to get the money which had been promised to her. This money never materialised and she was instead arrested and prosecuted for theft."