Burglar sentenced to life for the murder of pensioner


Cory Youlden, aged 23, was today sentenced at Worcester Crown Court to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 22 years, for the murder of Paul Cox at his home in Rednal, Worcestershire in June 2011.

Youlden pleaded not guilty to murder and the case had been listed for a trial, however, at a hearing this month he changed his plea to guilty. He also pleaded guilty to burgling Mr Cox's house and stealing his car.

Alex Warren, Crown Advocate for West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said: "This is a very tragic case of a frail 83 year-old man who was killed for his possessions.

"Paul Cox, who lived on his own and was four days short of his 84th birthday, was murdered in his own home. He had taken to sleeping downstairs in his armchair as his house had been burgled on two previous occasions.

"In the early hours of 3 June 2011, Cory Youlden broke into Mr Cox's house by smashing a window and entering the back living room where Mr Cox slept. In order to incapacitate his victim, Youlden put his arm around Mr Cox's neck and exerted pressure. Mr Cox died as a result of this action. Youlden then stole some money and left in the victim's car.

"In the morning, neighbours became concerned when they saw Mr Cox's car was missing from the driveway and one of them went to check on him and saw the broken window. The police were called and Mr Cox's body was found on the floor of his living room.

"Cory Youlden later disposed of Mr Cox's car and left the area, but he was arrested in Bristol two days after the murder. At first he denied killing the 83 year-old pensioner, saying that others had been involved with him in the burglary and were responsible for his death. However, he would later accept that he had acted alone.

"The CPS would like to pay tribute to West Mercia Police for its thorough investigation of this case, and to offer its sincere sympathies to Mr Coxs family and friends."