Burglar jailed for murdering homeowner


A burglar who broke into a 91-year-old man’s home and attacked him, which resulted in the victim later dying from his injuries, has today been found guilty of his murder and jailed for life – to serve a minimum of 26 years

Over a three day period in September 2013, Scott Melville, aged 39, used violence and force to rob a victim of his mobile telephone, break into a newsagent and enter into the home of a vulnerable pensioner and assault him.

On 14 September, Melville approached his first victim in Leamington Spa and struck up a conversation with him. He persuaded the victim to walk down an alleyway where he assaulted him and robbed him of his Blackberry mobile telephone.

The defendant then targeted the home of Sydney Pavier who lived on his own at 31 Gordon Street, Leamington Spa. Melville kicked in the front door of the victim's property, attacked Mr Pavier leaving him with serious injuries and then ransacked the house.

Mr Pavier's family found him unconscious in the upstairs bedroom on 16 September when they called to drop some food off for him. He was taken to hospital where he was put onto a ventilator.

On the same day, Melville broke into a newsagent in Victoria Terrace in the town where he stole some spirits from the shop.

Following a police investigation, Melville was arrested and charged with robbery and two counts of burglary to which he pleaded guilty to.

On 28 October 2013, Mr Pavier passed away. A post mortem report concluded that his death was linked to the assault which he had suffered in September. The defendant was subsequently charged with murder.

Emma Wynne-Owen, Senior Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"Scott Melville used extreme violence and threats on vulnerable victims in order to steal from them. One of these victims was a 91-year-old partially sighted frail man who he assaulted and left unconscious in his own house.

"Following his arrest, Melville tried to cover up his heinous crimes by inventing lies to account for his whereabouts during his three day crime spree. However, due to forensic evidence and witness identification, he eventually pleaded guilty to the offences.

"As part of the continuing duty to keep cases under review, we received notification of the death of Mr Pavier. Having had an opportunity of reviewing the evidence as well as all of the medical reports, I decided that there was sufficient evidence and it was in the public interest to charge Melville with the murder of Mr Pavier.

"Today, a very dangerous man has been convicted of a brutal and senseless crime. We hope today's verdict can bring some solace to the family and friends of Mr Pavier."