Burglar jailed for attempted murder of security guard


A burglar, who repeatedly attacked a security guard with a shovel, has today been jailed at Wolverhampton Crown Court for 14 years after he pleaded guilty to his attempted murder.

On 19 March 2017, the victim was on duty at Stoke Forgings in Brierley Hill and as part of his role, he was conducting checks on the premises when he came across Lee Parsons who had broken into the factory. 

The 45-year-old defendant was challenged by the victim but by now Parsons had armed himself with a shovel. He attacked the 73-year-old security guard with the shovel, hitting him all over his body. 

The victim fell to the floor where the defendant continued kick and punch the victim. The attack eventually ended after Parsons tried to strangle him with a ligature. 

The defendant then fled the scene of the attack and it was only when another security guard as well as the victimís family searched for him, as he had not reported in, did they find him in an unconscious state.  

The emergency services were called and the victim was rushed to the QE Hospital in Birmingham. Police later arrested Parsons from a hostel the same day. He pleaded guilty to attempted murder and burglary. 

Georgina Davies, Senior Crown Prosecutor with West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: 

"When Lee Parsons was confronted by the 73-year-old victim, rather than leave the premises, he opted to arm himself with a weapon and launched a frenzied and brutal 20 minute attack. 

"The defendant used a shovel, his fists and feet to attack the elderly victim, leaving him with horrific injuries. Not content with the level of violence he had inflicted on the security guard, Parsons then wrapped a rope around the victimís neck and he tried to strangle him. 

"He left the victim unconscious and blooded, and it was only when his family and work colleague found him that they managed to get emergency medical assistance for him."