Builder convicted of homophobic harassment


A 44-year-old builder was found guilty of the homophobic harassment of a gay couple and sentenced at Telford Magistrates' Court to a term of 16 weeks imprisonment, suspended for two years.

Aaron Jones had carried out a campaign of harassment against the victims over an extended period of time.

When sentencing the defendant on 19 September 2017, the court made it absolutely clear to him that they had increased the sentence to be imposed upon him because they were sure his actions towards both victims was motivated by the fact they were both gay.

They sentenced Jones to a term of 16 weeks imprisonment, suspended for two years. They also ordered that he pay £1,500 compensation, each, to both victims. In addition, the court imposed a Restraining Order against him, for an indefinite period, preventing him from causing further harassment to both victims.

John Baker, District Crown Prosecutor and Area Hate Crime lead for CPS West Midlands, said:

"The prosecution against Aaron Jones's homophobic behaviour towards both victims demonstrates that such conduct will not be tolerated.

"His actions had a clear and upsetting impact on the personal and professional live of his victims.

“"We would encourage anyone who has suffered any form of hate crime to report the matter to the police and we will support you to ensure we obtain justice for you."