Birmingham dentist found guilty of NHS fraud


A dentist has today been found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court of one of the largest dental frauds ever committed where over £1million of taxpayers money was defrauded from the National Health Service (NHS).

Doctor Joyce Trail, aged 50, was a dentist working from a dental practice in Handsworth, Birmingham along with her daughter, Nyri Sterling 33.  Over seven thousand false claims were made to the NHS for work that had not been done between April 2006 and April 2009.

Victoria Jones, Senior Crown Prosecutor from the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service's (CPS) Complex Casework Unit, said: "Dr Joyce Trail's victims in this case were not only the vulnerable victims who she targeted for her own greed, but it was also the ordinary taxpayer too.

"In total over £1million of taxpayers money was fraudulently claimed by Dr Trail which she used to fund an extravagant lifestyle. 

"The work that Dr Trail claimed to have done was for those most vulnerable people in society, namely the elderly and those with dementia. She would claim to have visited the nursing homes and treated the residents when in fact no treatment had been delivered by her. She was assisted in this fraudulent activity by her daughter.

"In over one hundred cases the patient she claimed to have treated was deceased at the time of treatment.

"Due to the sheer number of  fraudulent claims which were committed, this was one of the most complex cases that West Midlands CPS has ever had to prosecute as each fraudulent claim was made up of several forms, patient record cards and other paperwork such as laboratory documents. There were over 85,000 documents in total served both in electronic and paper format.

"Throughout this trial Dr Trail continued to deny matters and changed her version of events a number of times which resulted in additional work being carried out during the trial following evidence introduced by her.

"I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the prosecution team who worked closely together from very early in the proceedings with the NHS Protect Team, who were investigating this matter, and all of the witnesses who assisted with the case in bringing these defendants to justice."

          Dr Trail was convicted of conspiracy to defraud

         Nyri Sterling was convicted of conspiracy to defraud.

His Honour Judge Carr adjourned the matter for sentence until 14 September 2012.