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Helen Lawson Found Guilty Of Murdering Husband
McNamara And Carter Sentenced For Attempted Murder
CPS confiscates laundered money gained from illegal virtual casinos
Violent fans handed Football Banning Orders
Dorset: Man convicted after Weymouth death
CPS Dorset praised after major robbery convictions
Jury verdict of 'guilty to manslaughter' for Ralph Millward killers
Care home pair guilty of neglect
Sentencing of Donakey and others
New Chief for Wiltshire
Statement on Shane Webber
CPS statement following conviction of Gareth Andrews
CPS Wessex statement following the sentence of Stephanie Hill being increased
CPS statement on the case of Seddon and others
CPS statement following convictions in the case of Melissa Noon and others
CPS statement on three men found guilty for stealing 600 cases of cigarettes
CPS statement following eight men charged following investigation into child abuse
Nick Hawkins makes statement on digital working
CPS statement on confiscation figures
Press Release on The Rape Prosecutions
CPS Press release on improvment of rape prosecutions
CPS Wiltshire Press Release on Rape Prosecution
CPS Press Release following desicion not to charge John Vincent O'Kelly
Prosecutions for violence against women and girls increases up by 401 cases in 2010-11
Press Release on retracting rape and domestic violence allegations: CPS launches public consultation
Press Release on Retracting rape and domestic violence allegations (HIOW)
Press Release on Retracting rape and domestic violence allegations (Wilts)
Press Release on Area Restructure (Dorset)
Press release on found guilty of murdering Heather Barnett
Press Release on Ryan Donovan
CPS statement on youth assaulting soldier
Press Release on Nick Herbert visiting CPS Wessex
Man charged with racist abuse outside nightclub in Bournemouth
CPS Press Release on Man sentenced to life for fatal stabbing in Moordown
CPS autorised women to be charged with the murder of a Portland Man
Andover man sentenced to six years for death whilst driving without due care and attention
Portsmouth man found guilty of defrauding Bangladeshi Community
Man ordered to pay consfication order of over four million pounds
Man convicted of the murder of Gentle Giant
CPS Wessex prosecutes successfully more hate crimes for the year 2010-11
Drug criminals ordered to pay confiscation order of over 2,7million pounds
Siblings convicted of honour-based violence case in Hampshire
Soldier sentenced to 28 months’ imprisonment for manslaughter of man on New Year’s Day
Brothers found guilty of false imprisonment after threatening dad-of-two with pseudo HIV infected blood syringe
Crossing the line - When sport becomes a crime
Davina Travi sentenced to 2 1/2 years for having sexual intercourse with two boys
Man charged for causing violence and fear to Longparish ( Hampshire) couple
Four charged following discovery of a body in a bin in Southampton
Man sentenced to 12 years for trying to kill his partner in front of four-year old child
Lorry driver sentenced after driving fuel tanker into family home
Ex-world karate champion has been jailed for life over sexual abuse of children.
Man sentenced for dangerous driving after catapulting two women in the air following collision with his car
Elliott Turner found guilty of killing Emily Longley
Isle of Wight man charged with murder of his wife.
Woman found guilty for killing her seven-month partner in moment of rage
Those issued with Football Banning Orders should surrender their passports or face a prosecution, warns football lead top prosecutor
Man appears in court charged with murder following knife attack in Swindon
Man found guilty for inciting others to take part to the August disorders
Basingstoke burglars sentenced to 22 years in total
Three people found guilty of the murder of Leonard Adams
press release Woman sentenced for starting fire causing £5.5 million damages
Woman sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of her mother-in-law
Statement regarding the death of Raymond Dibbs
Portsmouth man sentenced to four years ‘imprisonment for falsely claiming benefits
Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit
Andover man charged over abusive tweet 2
Richard Elmes found guilty of the manslaughter of Adrian Cooksey after having committed perjury
Professional conman sentenced to five years at Winchester Crown Court
Man charged with the murder of 85-year-old Southampton woman
Sentencing of Darren Mackrell
Sentencing of Adam Gutteridge
Man sentenced to 18 years for attempting to kill his ex-partner and giving drug to his two-year old daughter
Taxi driver sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Sian O’Callaghan
Nick Hawkins, CCP for CPS Wessex meets Police and Crime Commissioners candidate
Dorchester man sentenced to 40 months for abducting a child and engaging in sexual activity with her
Gosport woman sentenced to five years after stealing money from her employers
Man sentenced to life imprisonment for public protection over the rape of 12-year-old boy with severe learning difficulties.
Music teacher sentenced to 12 years for sexually abusing his pupils
Dean Goodwin charging statement
Son sentenced to 15 years minimum for stabbing his mother to death
Two men convicted of sexually abusing victims for 12 years
Southampton man sentenced for making bomb hoax
Nanny found guilty of conspiracy to burgle her employer’s house
Southampton man sentenced to 32 years minimum for the murder of Agim Hoxha
Man sentenced to ten years’ in prison for a stranger rape in Poole
Three men found guilty of murder of a Boscombe man
Message from CPS Wessex Chief Crown Prosecutor Kate Brown on offices closures
Five jailed over Marie Curie Cancer Care scam
Dean Goodwin press release
Davinder Bains press release
Taxi driver found guilty of rape
Three sentenced to a total of 15 years for conspiracy to defraud auction houses
Court of appeal increase sentence of Gareth Wyn Warbuton for rape
Businessman found guilty of murder of solicitor
‘Naked rambler’ Stephen Gough sentenced to 48 weeks in jail for breach of ASBO
Four guilty of the murder of Jamie Dack
Statement on Portsmouth Rogue trader sentenced to 13 months
Four men jailed for four months for attack on Dorset Islamic Centre
Jamie Boult sentenced to life for the murder of Delia Hughes
Teenage boy sentenced to five years for the kidnap and sexual assault of five-year-old girl
Violence Against Women and Girls Annual Report 2012 - 2013
Man found guilty of the killing and mutilation of his friend’s body
Basingstoke man found guilty of rape and sexual offences
Charging statement case of Damon Wright
Statement following Claire Hider's sentence
Statement following death of Jade Clark
Two young men sentenced to a total of 29 years for violent attack on students
20-year-old man charged with the manslaughters of two teenagers
Three men been sentenced to total of 45 years imprisonment over bank robberies
Karl Addo
Man sentenced to life for the murder of 87-year-old man
Alvin Santos charged with the murder of Linda Lietaviete
Dorset man jailed for arranging rape of children over the internet
20-year-old sentenced to nine years for causing death by dangerous driving
University lecturer found guilty of assisting three drug dealers in killing rival
Army soldier sentenced to 16 weeks' imprisonment suspended for posting grossly offensive message on Facebook
Ex-Thames Valley Police Officer jailed for misconduct in a public office
Animal rights activist found guilty of conspiring to blackmail.
Son sentenced to two-years suspended after pleading guilty to the attempted murder of his terminally ill mother
CPS’s response to HMCPSI into unsuccessful outcomes in Magistrates’ Court cases in Dorset
Six sentenced to a total of 25 years for supplying cocaine on the Isle of Wight
Man charged with holding a person in servitude
Former Surrey Chief Inspector sentenced to two and half years for fraud
Court of Appeal increases Rachel Kenehan's sentence
Bournemouth man charged with the murder of his wife
CPS Wessex prosecutes more Violence against Women and Girls cases in 2014
Swindon man charged with murder and attempted murder
Father convicted of the murder of his four-month-old baby
Portsmouth teenager charged with three offences of attempted murder
Convicted sex offender vicar sentenced to 21 months for new offences
Carer sentenced to 150 hours community payback for assaulting patient
Man sentenced to hospital order for sexual assault attack in the park
Man sentenced to 15 years over importation of Class A drugs
Gamekeeper sentenced to pay £1,365 for trapping birds of prey
Six men and a woman sentenced to a total of 48 years for conspiracy to supply drugs
Two Bedfordshire police officers to face criminal charges
Men found guilty of dating website scam
Man charged with the murder of Penelope Davis
Woman sentenced to nine years for throwing caustic soda
Carer found guilty of ill-treatment of dementia patients
CPS Wessex statement in relation to Shelly Adams
Robert Cerqua found guilty of killing his twin brother
CPS Hate Crime Annual Report 2013 - 2014
Two people charged in connection with the Penelope Davis' murder
Alvin Santos sentenced for the the murder of Linda Lietaviete
Court of Appeal's decision to increase sentences of Michael EBanks and Mark West
Councillor Spencer Flower charged with failure to inform Councils of interests in companies
Son found guilty of the murder of his father
Man sentenced to three years for the manslaughter of his wife on the grounds of diminished responsibility
Brothers found guilty of murdering Eastleigh newsagent
Press release on Craig Eccleston-Todd
CPS press release case of Ben Moynihan
Man charged with the murder of Samantha Henderson
Man sentenced to three years for ABH on Police Officer
Man jailed for 40 months for defrauding his dementia suffering grand-mother
CPS statement in relation to its decision on Blake Fowler case
CPS statement - no charges in connection with the death of Blake Fowler
20-year-old woman pleads guilty to false allegation of attempted rape
Bigamist jailed for life for the murder of his second wife Rui Li
20 year-old female sentenced to 12 month imprisonment suspended for 2 years over making indecent photographs of children
Charging statement case of Colin Dymond
Press release on Spencer Flower conviction
Two found guilty over the murder of Pennie Davis
Man sentenced to eight years for rape
Gang found guilty of conspiracy to rob Gosport man
Man charged with the murder of man in Shirley
Man charged with sexual offences on children
Woman charged with the attempted murder of her sister
Lloyds Bank former employee sentenced to two years for stealing from 80-year-old pensioner
Former BA pilot sentenced to 12,5 years for sexual offences
CPS statement Jennifer Williams
CPS statement in Khalsa Singh case
CPS Wessex prosecutes near 1000 more 'violence against women and girls' cases in 2014-15
Secretaries for North Wiltshire and District Youth and Minor Football League found guilty of fraud and forgery
Mother found guilty of killing her son after setting fire to the family car
Dominic Isom found guilty of murdering Samantha Henderson
Son found guilty of killing parents in 2007
Two men sentenced for blackmailing gay man
Colin Dymond jailed for life for the murder of Sarah Pollock
CPS statement-Man charged with the murder of Elliot Handley
Man sentenced to six years and nine months for killing teenage best friends
Woman sentenced for theft from her foster dad
Two men charged with acid attack in Southampton
Carer found guilty of stealing from patients
Carer sentenced for assault by beating
Charity founder sentenced for sexual offences
Weymouth man charged with murder and attempted murder
Daniel Finnerty sentenced for Arson of a church in Fleet
Cathy Bartlett found guilty of the attempted murder of her sister
Isabella Gossling and Richard Moors sentenced for the murder of Phillip Nicholson
Woman sentenced to life for the murder of Michael Redpath
Jason Packer sentenced for possessing extreme pornography and indecent images of children
Man charged with the murder of Katrina O’Hara
EX PCSO sentenced for possession of indecent images of children
Matthew Hamlen found guilty of murder after acquittal four years ago
CPS and Hampshire Police successfully apply for Football Banning Orders
London drug dealers 'Sugar Network'sentenced over drug supply in Portsmouth
Davina Ayrton sentenced for Rape
Ex-Bedfordshire PC found guilty of sexual offences
Carer sentenced for rape and sexual offences on children
Billy Midmore found guilty of acid attack
Man sentenced to rape of a child
Ex-Bedfordshire PC sentenced for sexual offences
Brendon Willis sentenced for the murder of Christopher Butler on New Year’s Eve
14-year-old girl sentenced for transphobic assault
CPS Wessex successfully prosecutes more Violence Against Women and Girls Crimes during 2015-2016
Stuart Thomas found guilty of the murder of Katrina O'Hara.
CPS seeks community views to improve prosecutions for Homophobic and Transphobic Hate Crime
CPS seeks community views to improve prosecutions for Racially and Religiously Aggravated Hate Crime
CPS seeks community views to improve prosecutions for Racially and Religiously Aggravated Crime
CPS seeks community views to improve prosecutions for crimes against disabled people
CPS Wessex Response to HMCPSI Report
Timothy Bleach found guilty of historic sexual abuse
Teenage girl sentenced for attempted murder.
New Chief Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service Wessex
70-year-old woman convicted of managing a brothel
22-year-old man prosecuted for controlling and coercive behaviour on girlfriend
Convicted sex offender sentenced for possessing extreme pornography and making indecent images of children
CPS Wessex supports #HateCrimeMatters
Man receives sentence uplift for racially aggravated offence
Sentence uplift for man after homophobic assault of a PC
Youth receives six month sentence uplift for disability hate crime
Man found guilty of murdering Hayley Wall
Catfisher sentended to five months in custody
GPS tracker device helps prosecution of burglar
Woman pleads guilty to Arson
CPS Wessex improves the conviction rates for Violence Against Women and Girls Crimes during 2016-2017
Woman sentenced to five years' imprisonment for making false allegations of rape
Crown Prosecution Service Wessex records highest Hate Crime conviction rates for 2016-2017
PCSO found guilty of misconduct in a public office
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