CPS Wessex Hate Crime Action Plan

The CPS Wessex Hate Crime action plan sets out all that we aspire to achieve over the coming year. This includes local responses to national initiatives and actions, as well as locally developed actions. The plan, which was developed in conjunction with the Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel, is overseen by the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor Steve Hoolohan, who reviews and builds on it on a quarterly basis, updating the Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel on progress. By implementing the plan we hope to improve our performance in prosecuting these crimes, and confidence of our communities in reporting and supporting prosecutions.

The work we do in relation to all aspects of hate crime can have a really big impact on communities. We are very influential. Please take the time to look at the action plan. You may be surprised at the work undertaken and the potential we have to reach a wide audience. This work is really important.

Actions in the plan are summarised into the following themes:

  • Quality assurance of prosecutions to improve the accuracy and quality of prosecutions and the data held about them;
  • Projects and activities devised to increase community understanding and reporting of hate crime;
  • Awareness raising and training for staff on hate crime legislation and policy and recurring themes in relation to prosecuting these crimes;
  • Work with partners such as the police to collaborate on projects aimed at improving performance and engaging with communities; and
  • Development of local agreements on the handling of hate crime for agencies such as CPS and Police.