Wessex Scrutiny and Involvement Panels

In 2008 we created a number of scrutiny and involvement panels across Wessex. Over time these have evolved, and we now operate two scrutiny and involvement panels, bringing together members of the community from across Dorset, Hampshire & Isle of Wight, and Wiltshire namely the:

  1. Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel, and
  2. Violence against Women and Girls Scrutiny Panel

The panels review files from hate crime/violence against women and girls prosecutions, to raise awareness amongst communities of how and why decisions are made, and identify issues and trends in our decision-making process.

They aspire through their work to encourage more victims to come forward to report hate crime, and ensure they stay with the legal process until its conclusion. This coupled with what we have learnt on how we handle cases help us to bring more successful prosecutions.

They ensure that we consider the impact on the community in identifying priorities and delivering our business. This is achieved for example through consultation on strategies, plans and policies that inform policy, casework, employment and training.

We always welcome new panel members, if you are interested in joining one of the panels please click here.