Woman found guilty for killing her seven-month partner in moment of rage


Carole Kemp, 45, from Torquay, has today been found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 13 years at Winchester Crown Court for the murder of Martin Rusling, 44, from Weymouth.

Kemp killed Mr Rusling with a single stab wound through his heart on the night of December, 27, 2011.

Following the verdict, District Crown Prosecutor for CPS Wessex, Richard Oakley said: "Carole Kemp killed Martin Rusling by stabbing him through his heart in a moment of rage. 

"Carole Kemp and Martin Rusling had been in a relationship for approximately seven months, having met on an internet dating site.  Ms Kemp had hoped that she and Mr Rusling would eventually set up home together.

The couple spent some time together over Christmas at Mr Rusling's home in Portland.  During this time, according to Ms Kemp, Mr Rusling seems to have indicated that he did not wish her to move in with him.

"Ms Kemp admitted to feeling frustrated and depressed and stated that there was an argument between the two of them.  It seems that shortly after this Mr Rusling received the fatal wound to his heart.

"The defendant when arrested initially told the police that she did not mean to kill him and appeared to take responsibility for Mr Rusling's injuries. She maintained this version for two days and then gave a new statement where she said that Mr Rusling was accidentally stabbed while he tried to stop her committing suicide.

"The jury today, after hearing both the prosecution and the defence case was satisfied that Kemp had intended to kill Mr Rusling.

"This is an extremely sad case where Martin Rusling's life was lost apparently through Ms Kemps anger and frustration. I hope that Mr Ruslings family can find some comfort with the verdict today, our thoughts go out to them at this difficult time."