Two men convicted of sexually abusing victims for 12 years


Two men were found guilty today at Winchester Crown Court of the rape and sexual assaults of four girls who were abused between the ages of 7 and 16 years.

Paul Thomas, 50, of Western Way, Basingstoke and Jerry Lee Howe 40, of Dunnyshop Avenue, Accrington, Lancashire, also known as Stephen Ledniczky were convicted of a total of 28 sexual offences.

Following their convictions, Kerry Maylin Principal Crown Advocate for CPS Wessex who prosecuted the eight week case at Winchester Crown Court said: "These convictions put an end to this long and shocking history of rape and sexual assaults that both of the defendants have inflicted on their victims.

"For 12 years, Paul Thomas, who is now 50, subjected his victims to rape and sexual assaults and Jerry Lee Howe joined him to sexually abuse one of the victims in this case.

"The victims were assaulted and raped during their formative childhood years when they came into contact with the defendants.

"The jury heard how Paul Thomas and Jerry Lee Howe seized any opportunity to rape and sexually abuse the victims and threatened them if they were to repeat to the authorities what was happening to them.

"At no point, over all those years did they decide to stop or express any remorse for the continuous ordeal they subjected their victims to.

"The jury heard how the four girls, some of whom are now adults have been mentally scarred for life.

"We hope that with these convictions they will be comforted with the fact that they did the right thing by reporting these crimes to the police and by having the courage to give evidence in court. This has exposed the shocking criminal behaviour of both of the defendants over all the years.

"We would like to thank officers from Hampshire Constabulary, who had the mammoth task to put together all the evidence in this case and to submit the evidence to CPS Wessex Complex Casework Unit

"I am the Principal Crown Advocate for CPS Wessex and I prosecuted this case with the assistance of our Crown Advocate Dawn Hyland. This case was very important for CPS Wessex as it was prosecuted in-house from its beginning until its conclusion. This demonstrates our commitment to develop expert advocates and provide a high quality prosecution service to the public.

"We hope now that these convictions will bring closure to the victims and that from now they will be able to re-build their lives."