Two found guilty over the murder of Pennie Davis


Justin Robertson, 36, of no fixed abode, was today found guilty at Winchester Crown Court of the murder of Pennie Davis, 47, who was found dead in a field at Leygreen Farm, Beaulieu, Hampshire, by her husband Peter Davis, on September 2.

Benjamin Carr, 22, from Southampton was found guilty of conspiracy to murder her. Leanne Doyle, 24, from Hythe, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of public justice. A fourth defendant, Samantha McLean, was found not guilty of conspiracy to murder.

Following the verdicts, John Montague, Senior District Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service said: "Pennie Davis was killed in a frenzied attack by Justin Robertson who stabbed her to death and then went into hiding for eight days. He was  eventually arrested after an extensive manhunt conducted by Hampshire Police.

"Each of the defendant played an important role in the planning and killing of Mrs Davis. Benjamin Carr was the person connecting Justin Robertson to  Pennie Davis, he was the one who provided the motive to kill her. He had a hatred for his father's former partner, Pennie Davis, who was threatening to destroy his life by reviving sexual allegations she had made against him when he was young, which caused him to move out to live with his mother.

"He said in court that he was devastated after being forced to leave his father and at that time he hated Pennie Davis. He went on to live in a caravan and became a drug addict. It was the prosecution case that this hatred pushed him to turn to Justin Robertson, a violent man with few scruples who he knew from the drug world. An agreement was reached for Robertson to murder Pennie Davis for £1500.

"Robertson borrowed the car of a friend to drive to Leygreen Farm where Ms Davis attended her horses. He then lost the car key, dropping it next to Ms Davis' body during the attack in which he savagely stabbed her thirteen times. 

"The jury at Winchester Crown Court heard that Pennie Davis was followed by Robertson to Leygreen Farm on the day she died. This was a planned killing arranged by Benjamin Carr, using Justin Robertson to kill her and paying him to do so. The motive was to stop her troubling Benjamin Carr and his family once and for all.

"This is a tragic case where a mother of five who has just remarried died from a savage pre-planned execution. Her husband, Peter, made the terrible discovery when he found her dead near the horses that she loved so much.

"Our thoughts are with him, Mrs Davis' children and extended family."