Timothy Bleach found guilty of historic sexual abuse


Timothy Bleach, 76, from Portsmouth, was today found guilty at Portsmouth Crown Court of 55 counts of sexual offences. Timothy Bleach sexually abused 11 girls ages between 8-11 years old between 1973 and 1980. These were all girls who were pupils at the school in Hampshire at which he taught.

Following the conviction, Martyn Booth, Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service Wessex said: "Timothy Bleach is a dangerous man who used his position of trust and authority over those girls to isolate, groom and ultimately sexually abuse them. He abused that position of trust in the most abhorrent way to seek his own sexual gratification. 

"Every one of those young girls together with their parent could and should have expected that Timothy Bleach would educate them, care for them, and put their welfare above all other considerations. His offending included a broad range of sexual offences up to and including the rape of two of these young girls.

"The extent of his offending did not however end there. Having left the UK to take up a position teaching in a trust school in Africa, he continued his offending by sexually assaulting a young female pupil.

"For over 40 years Timothy Bleach managed to evade justice, and his crimes went undetected and unpunished.

"Today, that position has finally been redressed with the jury returning guilty verdicts in relation to 56 of the 62 charges brought against him.  

"Today, justice has caught up with Timothy Bleach after all those years.

"The Crown Prosecution Service wishes to thank our police colleagues in Hampshire Police for a detailed investigation into these allegations. The level of professionalism and dedication shown by the officers is second to none.

"But moreover, we wish to thank each and every one of the complainants in this case.

"The impact of being subjected to such sexual abuse at such a young age at the hands of Timothy Bleach cannot be understated. For over 40 years each of those ladies has had to live with what he did to them when they were children. It had of course affected each one of them tremendously.

"However, thanks to their bravery, commitment and strength in putting themselves through the ordeal of giving evidence about these traumatic events, the truth has finally been revealed.

"The Crown Prosecution Service sincerely hopes that these verdicts can be the first step in their own individual journeys towards achieving their own personal closure concerning these offences".