Son found guilty of killing parents in 2007


Timothy Crook was found guilty on 20 July 2015 of the brutal killing of his elderly parents Robert and Elsie Crook in July 2007. He was today sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 16 years.

Following the sentence today Hannah Squire, Crown Advocate for CPS Wessex said: "Timothy Crook then aged 43, lived with his parents in Swindon. The relationship with his parents was difficult and over the weeks leading up to their death was said to be deteriorating.

"Concerns were raised for the welfare of Mr and Mrs Crook by friends following them failing to visit their daughter on Tuesday 10 July 2007 and failing to run their weekly dance class for the elderly the following day.

"Timothy Crook told concerned family friends that his parents had driven to Lincoln to make arrangements for selling his house. His parents friends Barbara and Brian Earl were sceptical of this and contacted the police with their concerns. A police officer went to the address in Lincoln and the bodies of Robert and Elsie Crook were discovered under some bins in the overgrown back garden.

"It was clear from the evidence that Mr and Mrs Crook were killed at their home address in Swindon over the weekend of the 7 and 8 July 2007. Timothy Crook then drove their bodies up to Lincoln where he dumped them in his own back garden. He then left the car in Newark and returned to Swindon via train on 8 July 2007.

"Timothy Crook made some efforts to dispose of his blood stained clothing and to clean up the scene in Swindon. However a painstaking forensic examination of the scene discovered blood belonging to Mrs Crook in the bedroom of their Swindon address and his clothing was found in bin bags that he had put over the wall into his neighbour's garden. 

"Timothy Crook had previously been found unfit to stand trial for the death of his parents at a hearing at Bristol Crown Court in December 2008. He has been detained since that date at Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire. His health has improved hence why it has now been possible for this trial to take place almost exactly eight years after the death of his parents.

"Our thoughts are with Mr and Mrs Crook's family and friends and we hope that this conviction brings justice and closure for them".