Six sentenced to a total of 25 years for supplying cocaine on the Isle of Wight


Five men and a woman were today sentenced to a total of 25 years and four months at Portsmouth Crown Court for supplying class A drugs on the Isle of Wight.

Following the sentence, James Kellam, Crown Advocate for the Complex Casework Unit of the Crown Prosecution Service said: "Zac Williams, 26, Jason Flynn,26,  Jason Williams, 24, Tristan Nicholls,28, Jason Long, 33, Kerry Barton, 29, in this case  were  members of a densely interconnected network of independent drug dealers  based in Ryde, who  were  willing to sell whatever they have to anyone who would pay for it including apparent competitors. They were able to get their hands on large volumes of cocaine, sometimes from multiple sources,  in a fairly short time. Their criminal trade was unveiled when they started to sell drugs to a man called  "Lee", which was in fact an undercover police officer.  In total they supplied to him about 3337g of cocaine for almost a year. Thanks to the evidence  gathered by Hampshire Constabulary we were about to build a strong case to put before the court, which left the defendants with no choice but to plead guilty at an early stage of the proceedings. This prosecution  now puts an end to their lucrative business and we will apply to the court to confiscate their ill-gotten assets."