Six men and a woman sentenced to a total of 48 years for conspiracy to supply drugs


Drug ring leader, Erol Barjami ,34, from Portsmouth was sentenced today at Portsmouth Crown Court with Evi Zharra, Khalil Kharoubi, Robert Pescodd, Moksudur Rahman and Sarah Adams to a total of 48 years' imprisonment for conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Simon Edwards Principal Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex said: "All the defendants in this case conspired to supply cocaine and were today found guilty of this offence. The jury at  Portsmouth Crown Court heard how the defendants ran a successful business, which made lots of profit. However, what distinguished their business from any other businesses is the fact that it was illegal and criminal.

"Like any other company, each of the defendants had a well-defined role, with Erol Barjami as the senior manager, the ring leader and the others working for him and, like any other drug conspiracy, the defendants relied heavily on mobile phone telecommunications.

"Hampshire Constabulary's investigation into the drug conspiracy revealed that Barjami had in his possession in his house a total of just over £21,400 in cash. The banknotes were subjected to an ion track test, which showed high levels of cocaine on them. It was the prosecution case that this money represented the proceeds of sale of cocaine by or on behalf of Barjami as part of the conspiracy.

"At the trial he jury heard how each defendant played an active part in this criminal activity and after hearing the prosecution and the defence case, the jury was satisfied that Barjami and his co-defendants were guilty.

"It is now our intention to apply to the court for a confiscation order to seize their ill-gotten assets."

  • Erol Barjami was sentenced to 15 years;
  • Khalil Kharoubi, 12 years;
  • Robert Pescodd, 6 years;
  • Moksudur Rahman, 5 years;
  • Sarah Adams, 2 years suspended for 2 years;
  • Evi Zharra, 8 years;
  • Ankal Pretji will be sentenced at a later stage.