Area Restructure


Kate Brown, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Dorset explains what the Area restructure means for the Dorset Area.

As of the 1st of April 2011 as part of a national re-structure 42 CPS Areas currently working in 13 Groups will become 13 Areas. For Dorset this means joining forces with Hampshire & Isle of Wight and Wiltshire, to become CPS Wessex.

Kate Brown, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Dorset said: "I would like to reassure the community that the move to CPS Wessex will not result in any reduction in the service we provide in ensuring justice for the people of Dorset.

"For the last 3 years we have been collaborating with Hampshire & Isle of Wight and Wiltshire on a number of specialist functions such as finance, human resources, and performance. This move will build on that providing greater strategic and operational flexibility and efficiency across the Area.

"In addition in Wessex we have already demonstrated the benefits of collaboration by successfully providing charging decisions on a Group basis affording a more efficient service to police officers.

"There are no plans for compulsory redundancies and no plans for the Dorset office to close as a result of the restructure.  Detailed plans for implementing the restructure are currently being progressed".

From the 1st April Nick Hawkins will become the Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Wessex supported by Kate Brown as Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor. Denise Labram will become Area Business Manager supported by Jason Putman as a Business Change and Delivery Manager.


1. For further information contact Carrie Sanderson, Group Eqwaulity, Diversity and Community Engagement Manager on 02380 673809 or 07500 917956

2. The DPP has published his long term vision for the prosecution service and its role within the wider criminal justice system. It includes modernising the service and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal justice - read "The Public Prosecution Service: Setting the Standard" at

3. The CPS consists of 42 Areas in total, each headed by a Chief Crown Prosecutor (CCP). These are organised into 13 Groups, plus CPS London, each overseen by Group Chair, a senior CCP. In addition there are four specialised national divisions: Organised Crime, Special Crime, Counter-Terrorism and the Fraud Prosecution Service. A telephone service, CPS Direct, provides out-of-hours advice and decisions to police officers across England and Wales. The CPS employs around 8,250 people and prosecuted 1,032,598 cases with an overall conviction rate of 86.6% in 2008-2009. Further information can be found on our website:

4. The CPS, together with ACPO and media representatives, has developed a Protocol for the release of prosecution material to the media.  This sets out the type of prosecution material that will normally be released, or considered for release, together with the factors we will take into account when considering requests.  The Protocol is published on our website at: