Man found guilty of defrauding members of Portsmouth Bangladeshi Community


Golam Chowdhury was today found guilty of nine counts of fraud at Winchester Crown Court. He was sentenced to three- and- a- half years.

Following the verdict James Kellam, Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex said: "Golam Rashed Chowdhury has abused the trust of the Bangladeshi Community in England over a period of nearly three years, defrauding them of about £750,000 and maybe more.

"He used his position as prominent member of this community to persuade 10 people to invest their money in businesses that he completely made up, promising large returns on investment. He said to some that he was setting up business in Singapore or to some others that he was setting up a tea garden in Bangladesh. His lies were so convincing that some of the victims themselves borrowed money from friends and family and gave him £150,000 to invest.

"As a result of his scam, some of the victims were faced with debts that they could not repay just because they had placed innocently their trust and respect in Chowdhury.

"The Crown Prosecution Service will now ask the court to confiscate the defendants assets. Since last April, we have seized assets of over £1 million from defendants in Hampshire, a figure that has nearly doubled since last year. This demonstrates clearly how serious and determined we are to ensure our victims are compensated for the crimes committed against them."