Matthew Hamlen found guilty of murder after acquittal four years ago


Matthew Hamlen, 37, from Eastleigh was today convicted at Winchester Crown Court of the murder of Georgina Edmonds, who was found dead at her home in Brambridge, in January 2008.

Although he was acquitted of her murder at the end of a trial in 2012, Matthew Hamlen was re-tried under the retrial of serious offences (double jeopardy) legislation, after new and compelling DNA evidence was found.

Following the conviction, Ian Harris, Head of the  Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex' Complex Casework Unit said: "Georgina Edmonds, an elderly lady, was brutally and callously murdered in her own home. It has taken two trials and eight long years for her family to obtain justice. We would like to thank and pay tribute to her family, her friends and to all those who assisted the police, gave evidence and supported the prosecution.

"Two years ago, as a result of their detailed and painstaking forensic examination, Hampshire Police were able to present us with powerful fresh evidence.

"The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, gave her consent for the re-arrest of Matthew Hamlen and the Court of Appeal granted our application to charge him again with the murder of Georgina Edmonds.

"The new and fresh evidence was that a DNA profile matching Matthew Hamlen was found on the left hand sleeve on the back of Mrs Edmonds' blouse. The forensic expert said that the probability of obtaining the matching results was 26 million times more likely if the DNA was from Matthew Hamlen, rather than from someone unrelated to him.

"Matthew Hamlen always denied that he was responsible for the killing and said that he could not remember what his whereabouts were at the time of her murder.

"During a six-week trial at Winchester Crown Court the jury heard evidence from different experts, from Mrs Edmonds' son, Harry, daughter Georgina and from friends of the family.

"After hearing both the prosecution and the defence case, the jury was satisfied that Matthew Hamlen had murdered Mrs Edmonds and found him guilty.

"This case demonstrates the determination of both the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex and Hampshire Police to work together in order to bring offenders before the courts and to obtain justice for the victims of crime."

Matthew Hamlen was sentenced to life imprisonment and will have to serve a minimum of 30 years before being eligible for parole.