Man sentenced to six years and nine months for killing teenage best friends


James Battrick, 21, from Cadnam, near Southampton was today sentenced at Bournemouth Crown Court to six years and nine months for causing the deaths of Lily Butterfield-Godwin and Abbey Rogers by careless driving on 13 December 2015, while he was under the influence of drinks and drugs. The two young women were both aged 19 and from Lyndhurst, Hampshire. He was banned for driving for six years.

Following the sentence, Simon Jones, Senior Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex said: "James Battrick's irresponsible behaviour led to the deaths of Lily Butterfield-Godwin and Abbey Rogers, who were both best friends. He also caused serious injuries to himself and to a third female passenger who fortunately survived this terrible collision.

"James Battrick had drunk a number of alcoholic drinks and also had a high level of cannabis in his system. After having consumed a large amount of alcohol and cannabis, he should have never been behind the wheel, however he offered the two girls a lift home.

"He was driving significantly higher than the 30mph speed limit, at night time without his lights illuminated and the passenger who survived the crash said that he was showing off.

"By virtue of his guilty plea he accepted responsibility for his conduct and the devastating consequences. Our  thoughts are with the families of Lily and Abbey."